Chicago Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

Even the friendliest of dogs can attack without provocation. Attacks by dogs and other animals can result in serious injury and even permanent disfigurement. The victims of this type of attack often suffer significant physical and emotional damage. Injuries can include severe lacerations and puncture wounds, nerve damage, broken bones, and posttraumatic stress disorder. Often, the most grievous injuries are inflicted upon children who may then suffer permanent psychological damage. Generally, the owner of the attacking dog or other animal is held liable for the injuries caused by his or her pet. The owner of an attacking animal will be responsible for resulting medical expenses, pain and suffering, and disability.

If you are a victim of an animal attack, it is essential that you seek counsel from an attorney who has experience in that area. At Fisher & LaMonica, our attorneys are seasoned professionals when it comes to dog bite and other animal attack cases. We recognize that experiencing such an attack is terribly traumatic. However, we can also assure that we will be diligent in our efforts to ensure that you receive just compensation for your injuries. Contact our office at 312-345-0500 for free consultation regarding a possible claim for injuries sustained as a result of a dog bite or other animal attack.